We compliment and support our vacuum pumps with a wide range of pump accessories, flanges, fittings and genuine parts and lubricants

Flanges and Fittings

For connection of the individual vacuum components there are different flange systems available: small flanges (ISO-KF) in sizes DN 10 to DN 50, clamped flanges (ISO-K) in sizes DN 63 to DN 630 and CF flanges in sizes DN 16 to DN 250. The choice of the best system depends on the required standards for example: cost-effectiveness, simple to fit and remove elements, leak tightness, high class materials or the demand for bakeable elements in the ultra high vacuum range.



Small valves -micro- are best suited for space saving installation. They are available with any of four drive systems (manual, pneumatic, electropneumatic, electromagnetic), two types of body (right-angle valve, straight-through valve) and three adapters (DN 10 ISO-KF flange, 1/4″ tube, 6 mm tube).


Oils / Greases / Lubricants

The lubricants of Leybold Vacuum are especially designed in regard to the high demands in vacuum technology. Their vapour pressure is low at high temperatures and the water content and water uptake is minimal. Their viscosity characteristics are flat, lubricating properties are excellent and resistant against thermal decomposition and increased mechanical stress. Depending on the requirements (resistance to hydrolysis or oxidation, non-flammability, DOT-compatibility, approvability for food industry, etc.) different oil fractions, greases and pump fluids are available.