Integrated Pump Rental is a specialist pump rental organisation that caters to the needs of all sectors, including mining, quarrying, construction, wastewater, energy and general industry across Africa.

The company has the agility to offer customers quick and easy access to a comprehensive range of pumps and accessories available; either for rental or purchase. Its extensive fleet comprises submersible drainage and dewatering pumps, slurry and sludge pumps, diesel-driven pumps, dredging systems,
flotation devices and accessories.

Grindex Electric Pumps

Tough, durable effective dewatering solutions

IPR Dredging Equipment

The SLURRY SUCKER – when water retention capacity is threatened

Quax Hydraulic Pumps

Versatile submersible pumps powered by hydraulic supply

Sykes Diesel Pumps

Self-priming diesel pumps for when power is not available

Floatation Devices

Pump Floatation Devices (PFD) suspend and prevent the pump from burrowing or sinking

Diesel Generators

Mobile Diesel generators provide power on the most remote sites.

AllightSykes Mobile Lighting

A unique mast design and light assembly for optimum productivity and safety

Pump Accessories

Configure our standards system to ensure that the job gets done